Leibniz Research Centre TRUST is member of the “Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt” (Research Institute Societal Cohesion)

The Leibniz Research Centre ‘TRUST - Transdisciplinary Rural and Urban Spatial Transformation’, itself a part of the Leibniz Universität Hannover, was chosen to be a member of the newly created network of academic and research institutions throughout Germany commissioned to set up the “Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt” (Research Institute Societal Cohesion). This endeavour is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The new interdisciplinary “Forschungsinstitut Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt” (FGZ) is concerned with questions of belonging and identity in pluralistic society.  Its objective is to develop strategies for dealing with current and future challenges to society.  As a result, the institute is going to tackle topical developments relevant to the cohesion of society as well as their historic roots. In a one year long pre-phase all members work to together to formulate a research programme as well as establish a governing structure.  Next to the Leibniz University Hannover, ten academic institutions located in nine German Federal States participate in the FGZ. The participation of TRUST in developing and establishing the new interdisciplinary institute is further proof of the high quality of the research institution. 

The Research Centre TRUST considers spatial developments and social processes to be inseparable. Within the FGZ, the TRUST is focusing primarily on spatial aspects, such as socio-economic change, spatial planning, governance, regional identity or social capital, and investigates their influence on societal cohesion.