TRUST About us

Mission, Objectives, Research Topics, Activities

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Through our research activities in TRUST we aim:

  • To develop a new knowledge on systems, objectives, and transformation for sustainable spatial transformation of urban and rural areas
  • To expand the network of research partners as well as partners in the field while working on spatial transformation in Lower Saxony
  • To concentrate spatial and transformation research competences at the Leibniz University Hannover
  • To accompany transformations in urban and rural areas scientifically 
  • To develop inter- and transdisciplinary methods further, and help spread them in teaching 
  • To promote young scientists (Colloquium and Research Training Group)


  • To conduct transdisciplinary research on problems of spatial transformation at the interface between applied- and natural sciences as well as social sciences and the humanities
  • To draw up theories, concepts, and interdisciplinary approaches concerning integrated spatial development
  • To establish an inter- and transdisciplinary cluster of experts
  • To offer sustainable inter- and transdisciplinary training to postgraduate students
  • To provide action-oriented and future-oriented approaches for sustainable transformation process management

Research Topics (Selection)

  • Spacial structures and development through different scales
  • Interdependencies between societal transformation and the environment
  • Spacial consequences of globalisation in developing and emerging markets
  • Demographic changes and safeguarding basic care
  • New models of governance and public participation 
  • Knowledge transfer 
  • Theoretical approaches to processes of spatial transformation
  • Decision support for policymakers and stakeholders when implementing approaches to transformation


  • Joint development of inter- and transdisciplinary research projects
  • Conferences, symposia, and workshops on issues of spatial transformation
  • Interdisciplinary training of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Development of a research network on spatial transformation
  • Public lecture series "TRUST Lectures on Spatial Transformation"