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Cluster Risk and Inequality in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Cluster Risk and Inequality in Asia, Africa and Latin America

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Globalisation, international trade, and migration do not only lead to a global interconnection between countries worldwide but also to spatial transformation in developing market and emerging countries. Therefore, the cluster deals with risks and inequalities in urban and rural Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Environmental disasters such as floods, droughts, or epidemics, social conflicts and wars, or economic shocks (e.g. price increases of food) contribute frequently to a worsening of poverty and inequality in these countries. However, creeping processes, such as climate change, increasingly have devastating effects on living conditions as well. Since some of these countries display a very pronounced population growth, the process of urbanisation, in some regions, leads to megacities. In other regions, a lack of agricultural job opportunities causes rural flight and urbanisation. Due to an increase in average income per capita, parts of the population in cities adapt their lifestyle habits. For other parts of the population, urbanisation is connected with the formation of slums and informal structures, especially when rural poverty is contributing to rural flight. Both trends will affect the demand for areas of settlement, better transportation infrastructure, as well as resources, especially water and energy, and food production. These urban area changes will exert pressure on rural areas. Agricultural production processes must adapt to these new demand structures and quality standards.


  • Globalisation
  • Migration
  • Rapid urbanisation
  • Social conflicts
  • Food security
  • Sustainable rural development
  • Resource management
  • Agent-centred solutions
  • Extreme events
  • Violence and conflict management


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