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Cluster Resources and Ecosystem Services

Cluster Resources and Ecosystem Services

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The supply and use of natural resources and ecosystem services differs between urban and rural areas. While demand for resources rather predominates in urban areas, it is mainly in rural areas where these resources are extracted or produced. Repercussions can be observed in urban as well as rural areas, e.g. within the context of land use, biotope-, landscape-, and local climate changes, as well as pollution levels. Furthermore, it can come to land-use conflicts between urban and rural users. Natural systems, therefore, interact with urban and rural transformations respectively control and limit them.

With advanced technological development, increasing space and resource demands (e.g. 'Energiewende' in Germany) and climate change, society applies quickly changing requirements to nature and space. This affects the relationships between urban and rural areas and with it the intensity and spatial distribution of ecosystem pollution, and the use of ecosystem services.

The cluster's focus is on the development of methods and instruments for adapting a sustainable use of resources and ecosystem services in changing conditions. To have a better understanding of the interdependency between the environment and mankind, investigations into environmental impacts as conditions for human actions are conducted. This creates interfaces with other TRUST clusters. These investigations include the analysis of spatial transformation processes which are connected to the change in use of both resources and ecosystem services. The participating researchers of various disciplines analyse opportunities and risks, and work out flexible control options from an integrative perspective.


  • Adaptive infrastructures
  • Assessment of the environmental effects of transformation
  • Climate-neutral, regional recycling economy (e.g. water)
  • Nature-based solutions for adapting to climate change 


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