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Cluster Knowledge Transfer

Cluster Knowledge Transfer

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The cluster 'Knowledge Transfer' acts as a bridge in two crucial ways. First between the individual TRUST clusters, and second in the exchange with target groups of the public sector and society. The processes of this knowledge creation and use are a prime research focus. Research projects in the cluster knowledge transfer require planning and designing communication-processes with innovative working, teaching and learning practices within the context of social transformation.

The cluster is based on three pillars of knowledge transfer. First, shaping knowledge transfer between the individual research clusters, including all cooperating institutions and organizations in the field. Second, creating a landscape of knowledge with the help of a digital workspace which supports and contributes to shaping an inter- and transdisciplinary exchange of knowledge. Third, co-creating and implementing research findings with social groups in industry, politics, administration, education, etc. This includes knowledge creation and distribution through orientational and educational opportunities for various targets groups. This pillar is closely connected to transformative education and transformation education, as well as transformative research and transformation research as defined by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) in 2011.


  • Co-production of knowledge
  • Knowledge creation
  • Knowledge distribution
  • Knowledge use
  • Educational opportunities
  • (Digital) Knowledge landscape    


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