Board of Directors and Coordination of the TRUST-ARL Research Training Group

The TRUST/-ARL research training group's board consists of two representatives from the TRUST research center and two from the ARL, and its chair is always a member of the LUH. The board is responsible, inter alia, for the conception and organization of joint activities and the group's external representation. The current board members are:

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Advisory Board, Board of Directors, Coordinators, 2018
Board Member Institution
Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren

TRUST, Chair

Prof. Dr. Rainer Danielzyk ARL
Prof. Dr. Sabine Baumgart ARL
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Winrich Voß TRUST
Contact Coodrination

The ongoing coordination of activities in the research training group is handled in joint partnership by ARL and TRUST. 

Non-public person
Dr. Ina Peters
Dr. Ina Peters